One to One Lessons & Home Visits

We also offer one to one sessions for you and your dog either at our training facility or within the dog's usual environment at home depending on your training needs.

We also offer initial assessments to discuss the most suitable training plans for both you and your dog.

For further details and availability, please get in contact.

Here at Black Dog Training we are all about positive reinforcement training that has brought us proven results over the years.

Based in Newport, South Wales, we offer a variety of training packages that are tailored to you and your four legged friend's personal needs and requirements.  For all your dog training needs - If you don't see what you are looking for online, please just get in contact to discuss your needs further with us.

Obedience Classes

We offer a variety of general obedience classes ranging from Basic Puppy Obedience to Adult Obedience and refresher sessions.

Courses are generally 5 weeks long and each weekly session lasts around 1 hour.

Black Dog Training

Semi Residential Courses

For more in-depth training requirements, we also offer semi residential courses whereby the dog is left for the day with the trainer for intensive training with a one to one debrief session at the end of the day to show what has been covered that day.

Each course is individually tailored to the needs of the dog and the training required - Further details available upon request.

Field Trial Training & Club

We also offer more specialised training for working dogs and novices who would like to get involved in Field Trial activities.

We are currently also in the process of setting up our own club.

For further details or to register your interest in this, please get in touch via the Contact form.